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Oh So

Oh So is a goth-electronica band from Charlottesville in the USA. Originally formed in 2009 the band has expanded with the latest addition of a drummer which lends the band a stronger and more engaging sound. J.J. Williams (Guitar / Vocals), Bruce Stocking (Bass), Leia Manuel (Vocals / keyboards) and Jordan Marchini (Drums) have recently released their EP Erotic One.

Oh So

Oh So

I am reminded strongly of Gary Numan, J.J. even bears a passing semblance, but Oh So are not a revamp of new wave ’80s. The combination of vocals and electronics bounced against real stick on skin brings the music alive and this recent addition was an inspirational move.

The clean lines which emerge from the speakers have an hypnotic quality which draws the mind in to the space the band occupies and so I find myself wandering off on a tour of obsession, fantasy and fighting demons of the mind. The  lyric is driven from introspective spirals, whilst the music projects a sense of togetherness which makes for an engaging combination.

I have recently made contact with Radio-Active-Music, though this introduction was directly from the band and I must say they have some great acts on the roster.

It will be interesting to see how Oh So make full use of the additional member of the band on forthcoming material as it has the potential to raise this to one of the most interesting bands to follow.


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