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The Gashers

The Gashers  a new wave rock band from Las Vegas in the USA comprises Jason (Guitar / Vocal), James (Bass / Vocal) and Sandy (Drums / Vocal) who emerged from the embers of The Peccadilloes.

The Gashers

The Gashers – new wave from Las Vegas in the USA

Current anger slams out of the speakers like a knuckle duster to the head. Brief high energy tracks are the hallmark that the band delivers with simply constructed compositions and lyric which relies absolutely on energy. Sympathetically laid bass is wrapped in a garnish of powerful drumming and vicious vocal, all of which charges in to my ears like a long lost friend, hidden behind it all is a more than competent guitar, which disappears in to the background, yet holds it all together.

This is a superb sounding band with much to add to the ’10s.


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