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Klassik is a solo hip-hop jazz musician from Milwaukee in the USA. Early on Saturday morning as I type, I find myself somewhat surprised by the world as I listen to a fusion of Jazz and hip-hop, two genres I struggle with, but my face is wreathed in a smile. A highly proficient alto-sax and pianoforte player, […]


Back in 2005 there was an idea and over time that idea developed in to the Sevenoaks England based alternative rock band Zigo. The current line-up of Tom Corbett (Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards), James FitzGerald (Bass), Will Hayes (Drums) and Ian Iliopoulos (Guitar) has been stable for a while and is now setting in to a concrete foundation. […]

Passion Project

Passion Project is a music collective who got together in late 2009, the vast majority of the artists are classically or jazz  trained as they introduce layered instruments to rock ballads. Hailing from New York in the USA. Dax Callner (vocals), Joe Campanero (guitar), Aaron Green (bass), Terry Shook (drums), Trevor New (viola), Lisette Vitter […]