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Nehedar is an alt-pop singer songwriter from New York in the USA.



Bringing together a range on instruments across tracks Nehedar injects a sound that gathers influences from across the world. Instrumentally the sounds are very much about setting a backdrop to the lyrical content and on the surface the aural context is glossy, but set aside the preconceptions and the listener finds the lyric dealing with societal disconnect and isolation with a musical backdrop which dramatise the vocal context.

The pieces are each distinctive although there is a coherency of sound which enables the listener to engage at a wider level. New York has some intriguing performance musicians and whilst Nehedar isn’t as flamboyant as many, the context is very similar with the instruments laying out a theatrical canvass for the lyrics creating a powerful overall composition. Whilst distinctive in style from forebears I am drawn to comparisons of the activist poetry of the late sixties of the likes of Joan Baez.

I could easily see Nehedar fitting well into an evening of Dylan, Armatrading, Joplin etc. without it feeling out of place. How far the sounds can travel is difficult to judge, though by rights it would, as the music is of a style that doesn’t easily fit into a definable listener, but that is one of the joys of music such as this. Uncompromising and demanding the audience travels with it, I for one wish her all the best with her career.


This Heart – Nehedar is available on iTunes*

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