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Jane Woodman

Jane Woodman is an experimental ambient singer-songwriter from San Francisco in the USA. She regularly collaborates with other musicians and it was on the back of a such a collaboration that Shauna McLarnon from Ummagma made contact with me about Jane.

Jane Woodman

Jane Woodman

After a couple of exchanges of email – sorry Shauna -  I was able to find out about the solo performer Jane Woodman, who is a talented and creative composer. Whilst her collaborations are full of intrigue, far better to get under the skin of what is the essential core and here we need to turn to the music she releases under her own banner.

Dark apocalyptic introspection seeps like blood from the ear through the speakers as it flows across the room, akin to that moment many hope for – a restful and calming final breath before slipping this mortal coil, but don’t get from that this is sombre.

The fusion of acoustics and electronics that slip inside the brain are as natural as the very act of a beating heart and so you will find pulses matching as you slide into a state of trance as the music settles the mind, giving stimulus to an internal audit.

Jane is able to conjure a psychedelic trip of synapse discovery with no need to ingest the additives as the tracks weave their way in to the brain. Challenging the audience, yet always supportive – a languid vocal caresses whilst the instruments cleanse and after a session with Jane Woodman – life will seem far more balanced, making this great for an after-party – after-party session, a lonely space when life seems somewhat futile, or just an hour of relaxation.

Whilst her collaborations work well – I look forward to the time when Jane Woodman concentrates more on her arrow in the direction of travel in which she excels – her own. With an LP due out imminently – Teenage Red – I look forward to the future.


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