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Truck D

Truck D is a relatively new collective from Long Beach in the USA. Centred around Benjamin Adamson, musicians and instruments are as varied as the influences. Benjamin Adamson (vocals / trumpet /synth), Chris Raymond (guitar), Ross Garren (keys), Mike Lindsay (drums), Justin Kirk (trombone), Vikram Devashtali (trombone), Robby Marshal (tenor / soprano), Josh Nyback (bass), Eli Moynahan (monophonic conch shell) and others. So let’s just try the catch-all World Music as a genre starting point.

Truck D

Truck D

Iconic, comes to mind, I am drawn to the likes of Don Van Vliet, TV3, The Legendary Pink Dots etc. What-ever happens next the stamp has been gilded and Truck D, sit as an essential piece of creativity to which aspiring musicians would well serve referencing, not necessarily musically, but certainly creatively. Truck D resonates with the enthusiasm of the new band marking out territory, whilst playing with the panache of seasoned veterans, which to be fair the musicians certainly are. This vehicle provides an expression of all that is best in creative indie music and why being a fan of music is such a pleasure and jotting down a few words to express my thoughts such a privilege.

Renowned for live stage improvisation, the collective releases a plethora of instruments and tempos to the fore, to which the listener is given reign for their own imagination to explore. In many ways the band enable the listener to generate their own experience through the music which provides a template of shifting shapes.

The titchy caveat I have is some cover tracks, but as regular readers of the website will well know, I am never a fan of covers (particularly that of a band I felt were over-hyped and irrelevant at the time), always preferring the creative.

So, I find myself in the highly unusual spot of reviewing a band which started about a year ago and wondering if I should be categorizing them on the site in the Essential Indie Bands section of the indie bands blog.


Long may the Truck Dancersons (to give them their full name) continue to do what they have just begun doing.

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