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The MDs

For our first trip to Puerto Rico we head to Cupey and find the new wave band The MDs comprising Jerry (Vocals), Rick (Guitars), Ian (Bass),  Fernando (Drums) and Ray Arturo (Keys).

The MDs

The MDs

Not only was I smiling at finding a new country to introduce, but even more so the music. I am still having to wrest myself back to the keyboard to pin a few words to the review as I spin around the office in a pogo. Effervescent bubbles of delight sparkle across the room and I haven’t heard a synth player trying to beat the strumming of the lead guitar for many a year. That said it is all delivered in a far more controlled manner than my rampant enthusiasm.

New wave is a style of music that sits very naturally in my ears and when it is delivered with such ease, well – here is a band that already sits prominently on my playlist. What I find particularly amusing, is how they reference bands I found to be dull as blunt pencils, such as Arctic Monkeys and Beck, have managed to skip a generation back to the influencers of the dullards and invigorate it with the same originality as the likes of The Mekons and Wire.

Life has taken yet another turn for the better and it is thanks to the likes of The MDs that being a music reviewer is such a rewarding space in which to exist – thank you.


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