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Virgin Lung

The indie rock quartet of Zach Large (Drums), Jacob Rogers (Guitar) Mike Large (Guitar) and Andrew Miller (Bass) who make up the Wilmington, USA, based Virgin Lung eschew extensive vocal in their material.

Virgin Lung

Virgin Lung

They have been together for less than a year and are already building a decent profile in the local area with their high energy complex material. The vocal when it does come has the texture of another instrument, as it blends in to the matrix of sounds that Virgin Lung throw at the audience.

Seemingly irrelevant refrains are tossed in to the material, yet that very lack of structure makes for the strength of the band, who underneath the apparent randomness is in fact delivering some cleverly crafted and directed sounds in which the mind is entrapped. The tracks are delivered with an infectious energy and enthusiasm that has the listener firmly engrossed wanting to find out in which direction in which Virgin Lung will throw the mind next.

There is a real sensory pleasure to be gained by letting the material wash over and allowing the head to free itself in to the exploration and inquisitiveness of the compositions that Virgin Lung deliver.

Already having released a superbly structured and aptly named EP1, it will be interesting to hear how the band develop over the future. I can imagine them being an instant hit as SxSW.

I particularly enjoy this video as the drums are shifted around after some kit movement during the track, all without a break in rhythm.


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