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Firstborn comprises of Marcus Carlzon, Joachim Ragnarsson, Max Pontén and Aron Bergström. What is certain is that the Boras (Sweden) based band know their sound. The metal that seems to be coming out of Europe at the moment is certainly recognisable; a much more clean and polished finish than what you would traditionally call metal. I guess this is just part of the genre evolving as all genres do.




This said, according to the band; the album Define Our Generation is recorded with ‘barely any editing and totally acoustic drums’ which is both unusual and impressive for a metal band of this sort! It is certainly refreshing to hear a metal album without over the top and completely triggered drums.

In my opinion the strongest track on the album is Birth, which starts with a fantastic opening riff and does not relent throughout. All the tracks on the album fit together well, suggesting Firstborn know what their sound is and how to make the most of it.

I’m not particularly clued up on this genre of music, so I’m struggling to think of a band to compare Firstborn; the only comparison that springs to mind if that of vocalist Carlzon, who has moments where he sounds very similar to Matt Heafy of Trivium. Carlzon’s voice is not a traditionally metal one, but certainly a distinguishing element of the band.

Define Our Generation is an album in which the band shows their potential.


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