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Street Stories

I am delighted to introduce the indie-pop band Street Stories is from Shillong in India. Pezo Kronu (Guitar \ vocals), Riko Kronu ( Bass \ vocals) and Matsram Sangma (Drums) got together just over two years ago in 2010 which with the high energy live performance has seen them enrapture a loyal fan-base.

Street Stories

Street Stories

I envisaged two brothers both billed as vocalists could be a little messy, but no, it works well. The absolute enthusiasm drives in to the listener and we find Street Stories exuberantly crashing through the room, with a fizz of guitar. In the background the drums push the band to ever higher tempo, yet is remains a superbly controlled and focussed delivery.

The simplicity of constructs adds a layer of urgency to the material as the music explodes in the ears like a depth-charge. I find myself grinning through writing this review as there is an honesty to the material, which transcends the chords. Jejune compositions make perfect sense in this space, which resonates with the audience. There is an absolute delight in paring back music to the most basic layers and Street Stories achieve this with aplomb.

I snap my hands above my head as I run Listernine between my teeth and and astringent over my face, a delight of pure volcanic forces.


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