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The Rural Alberta Advantage

No prizes for guessing where The Rural Alberta Advantage emanate. The trio of Nils Edenloff (Vocals and Guitar), Amy Cole (Vocals, Keyboard &  Percussion) and Paul Banwatt (Drums) come from Toronto in Canada, describing their music as reflecting the images og growing up in north and Central Alberta.

The Rural Alberta Advantage |  Vince Wong

The Rural Alberta Advantage | Vince Wong

Even the band name demands a second glance, but far more than this, their music is a refreshing and expressive outburst of having a good time. Far from plastic fantastic, The Rural Alberta Advantage combine lyric and composition to create a whole that is of value to the world of music.

So what marks this out-fit out? After a listen, my teeth feel fresher and for a 60 a day smoker, that is no mean feat. However I don’t feel as though I have been put through some plutocratic washing machine, this is genuine rock, undiluted by refrains to ‘this band’ that band’  Honest, open and bang on the emotional hook. Were they from a centre in the USA or the UK they would have had to fight for their integrity, sometimes being , sometimes being on the fringe is the best space in which to invigorate and slough off the old.


One to watch out for, but far more importantly one to listen to now. Great energy and superb bounce, thanks guys.

The album Departing is available on Departing - The Rural Alberta Advantage*

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