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Band of the week 12th March 2011

Topping the charts on the indie bands blog band of the week top ten is Space Creator Band from the USA.

Space Creator Band

Space Creator Band

1. Space Creator Band (USA)

Who Rode the Chariots by Space Creator Band is available on Who Rode The Chariots - Space Creator Band*

2. Robotnik (Ireland)

Pleasant Square by Robotnik is available on Pleasant Square - Robotnik*

3. The Polyamorous Affair (USA)

Strange Bedfellows by The Polyamorous Affair is available on Strange Bedfellows - The Polyamorous Affair*

4. The Rural Alberta Advantage (Canada)

Hometowns by The Rural Alberta Advantage is available on Hometowns - The Rural Alberta Advantage*

5. Missing Andy (England)

A Call to Arms by Missing Andy is available on A Call To Arms - Missing Andy*

6. Four Quartets (England)

Recent Demos by Four Quartets

The Paragon of Animals by Four Quartets is available on Four Quartets*

7. New Found Land (Germany)

The Bell by New Found Land is available on The Bell - New Found Land*

8. Tall Ships (England)

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The eponymous release by Tall Ships is available on Tall Ships - EP - Tall Ships*

9. The Pins (England)

7:22 by The Pins is available on 7:22 - The Pins*

10. Papercuts (USA)

Future Primitive by Papercuts is available on Future Primitive - You Can Have What You Want (Bonus Track Version)*

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