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The Pins

The Pins is a five piece indie rock out-fit from Hertfordshire in England. Aaron Page (Vocals), Ben Reynolds (Guitar & backing vocals), Danny Stillwell (Guitar & backing vocals), Dale Ricciardi (Bass) and  Adam Essoof (Drums), have been playing up and down the country and across in to Central Europe over the three years since they played their first local club gig.

The Pins

The Pins

The band play in a crowded space, and it is a testament to the well structured compositions which are wrapped up in lyrics which reflect on the realities of living in the current times, which keeps their head well above the waterline.

The Pins, execute their material with pin-point precision, soaring guitar is supported by energetic bass and drum, with a vocal that adds a further dimension to the out-put.

This is an engaging band, who through skillful musicianship make full use of the two guitars, with great effect. The added depth of instrumentation enables The Pins to take the material to new spaces in a manner which is reflective of the lyrical content.

The guys have spent the past few years honing their performance to a level where it has the patina of experience, while still retaining the excitement and enthusiasm of a brand new out-fit, a great balancing act.

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I’ve not had the opportunity to hear the band live, word has it that this is where they excel and I look forward to rectifying this.

7:22 by The Pins is available from 7:22 - The Pins*

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