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Permit me for one moment to introduce the most important reviewer on the website – Nathan Sturgeon – who has kindly agreed to lend a hand for a while. We will find out more about Nathan over time, but for now, let’s say – he has a heart set on the music business, but let’s leave that for a moment  as Nathan takes a look at Doctrines.




Jamie Birkett, Luke Rees, Kyle MacConnell and Rob Jepson make up the Manchester, England  based indie band Doctrines.

The main band I can draw a comparison to is Philadelphia punks None More Black (Fat Wreck Chords). I stumbled across Doctrines’ music in early May of this year whilst scouting for the best up and coming talent in the country; and what I found was exactly that.

The single Climbing Yggdrasil is a perfect example of everything that is great about this band. With no excessive intro, the song demonstrates the no bullshit attitude that comes across in Doctrines music. From there the lead riff dances its way through the entire song, somehow managing to avoid the ‘standard power chords’ you might associate with many punk bands, whilst still sounding huge. The melody is layered onto an obviously well thought-out and rehearsed rhythm section. This said, where Doctrines really stand out is in the delivery of the vocals which are simultaneously catchy and maniacally screamed; showing the heart which it is clear is the foundation of the band.

Recently signing to Oxford based label, Alcopop Records, it seems things are going from strength to strength. I hope Doctrines are able to keep doing what they’re doing and impress as many people as possible; as they have done me (obviously).

Along with the single, the band have a five track EP O This Body Of Mine, I Renounce You Your Style Is A Crime, released last year. Both the single and EP are available for free, and I urge you to make the most of this! – The one below -


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Aargh – he used the word Punk in a 21st Century band – I can see Nathan and Tim have a few issues to deal with. Thanks Nathan for the review and look out for more in the very near future.

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