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Secret Oktober

Secret Oktober is an indie synth band with Sebastian Storm (Vocals / Keyboards / Guitar), Andy Foster (Fretless Bass / Keyboards), Simon Pearce (Guitars) and Paul Smith (Drums) in the line-up from Birmingham in England.

Secret Oktober

Secret Oktober

Citing influences from the 80′s New Romantics, Secret Oktober have woven into the sounds a more psychedelic feel which enables the quartet to run the tracks at five plus minutes without the listener becoming glassy eyed. I however somehow feel the need to press a dress shirt as I type, but, by drawing in the additional infiltration the band is able to create something that stands on its own merit. For sure there are direct comparisons that can be drawn, particularly the vocal which is steeped in Gary Numan, but were this merely a regurgitation, I wouldn’t ask you to tarry on the page.

By dirtying the core of the music, Secret Oktober make this a more accessible and relevant sound, hey even the members manage to turn up in Jeans and Trainers, so you don’t need to take a spare shirt for the interval….

New Romanticism was always a mindset and this remains the case with Secret Oktober, as the very stylised delivery isn’t something that will naturally slot in to everyone’s ears no matter the mood. However I would suggest taking a few tracks out for a spin and you may well find there is something that resonates. I for one am delighted to have found a band working at the core from a grubbier perspective, though that is perhaps not a surprise as I do enjoy many bands that ultimately derive from Bauhaus.


Invitation to the Dance – Secret Oktober is available on itunes*.

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