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Horse Party

From Bury St Edmunds in England comes Ellie Langley (guitar / vocals), Seymour Quigley (guitar / vocals) and Shannon Hope (drums / vocals) who form the indie band Horse Party.

Horse Party is an indie band from England

Horse Party

There is something easy to hook up with once Horse Party start playing as it resonates of much of the core of rock from the ’60s and ’70s yet it equally has a currency as the trio are not seeking just to replicate but to add something different and although just less than a year old they would appear to have to makings of a solid sounding outfit.

The open guitar sounds with exaggerated use of spaces works extremely well as, Bass, percussion and vocal, fill the gaps, yet to the forefront remains a strangely disjointed guitar which captivates. The vocal is a particular strength in the line-up as it adds a spectral feel to the sound which again juxtaposes with the stark guitar.

Whilst still a little one dimensional the direction of travel has plenty to captivate the listener and as they gain more experience so the music will undoubtedly expand and for now they have a very solid foundation on which to build and they are working hard to gain that experience with a regular schedule of shows. Of particular interest on 7th September they are playing with the iconic Japanese band  Shonen Knife! in Stowmarket.

I like what Horse Party are up to and although material to listen to is somewhat limited this a band I look forward to hearing future developments.


Back To Mono – Single – Horse Party is available on iTunes*

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