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Isaac Indiana

Isaac Indiana is a five piece progressive rock band from Exeter in England. Less than a year ago Andy Jackson (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Tom Sturges (Vocals, Saxaphone, Guitar), Ben Homer (Vocals, Keys), Sam Hall (Vocals, Drums) and Ben Houghton (Bass) decided they wanted to make their mark on the world of music and have done so with a well inked stamp.

Isaac Indiana

Isaac Indiana

Typically over the weekend I get a toothache that becomes progressively worse and early this morning on a Sunday pouring with rain and fairly windy I had to wander off to a dentist to have a tooth taken out, fortunately I got back home and decided with the left half of my face still numb to see what had arrived in my email in-box to cheer me up and I found Isaac Indiana and I am managing some kind of a deranged smile.

The West Country is the best surfing in the UK along with being the reference point for Paganism as well as acres of agriculture – Isaac Indiana have mopped that all up and distilled it in to a melange of sound which reflects all of the above and more. This is a delightful soujorn in to a diversity of influences.

The quintet have taken all the disparate environments on board and reflected this on their debut EP Speak Up. I look forward to hearing more and thank you Isaac Indiana – the pains from yesterday and today’s numb mouth have disappeared in to a head now filled with dopamine.

You And I by Isaac Indiana

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