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Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle

Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle from Newcastle in England is currently a septet of indie rock-a-billy jazz ska artists R.J.Humphries (vocals, vibe guitar and harmonica), Roger James (electric guitar), Jacob Svennson (bass), Eddie ‘Bandicoot’ Banda (drums), Aidan Shepard (accordion), Darren Berry (fiddle) and Pete Yard-Martin (trumpet) and yes you may well recognize some of these names elsewhere. This is a fluid collective of highly competent and ingenious musicians.

Maybe Myrtle Turtle

Maybe Myrtle Turtle

Oh this is so hard to type as one moment I am by the keyboard, the next dancing in the garden on this bright and sunny afternoon, but where ever I find myself, I just need to turn the volume up just a notch and dance….  More than that, it just raises the spirits. I wonder if you recall The Meaning of Life by Monty Python, if so, just drill down a moment to The Third World and here we sit. Joy, acerbity, wit and a sneer.

Matt from Quite Great Music PR has sat on my shoulder with this as I have fired for more information, but he is quite right, the fluidity of the band makes the back story of less er imprt, other than each iteration delivers a resounding success.

Just don’t sit down before you hit play below, else you will be giving your knees and hips an unnecessary extra shift. The instruments, song constructs and lyric rip through the speakers like a shattering light bulb. Long may Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle find the space from their regular slots.


This Love of Mine is available on This Love of Mine (Radio Edit) / It's All Over Now - Single - Maybe Myrtle Tyrtle*

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