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Alistair The Optimist

Alistair The Optimist is Alistair Banks from Bath in England who had a burning ambition to release an LP before he died. Well that may be the ambition of many I hear, Alistair is living on a time-line as he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in late 2010, which has an life expectancy of between 2 and 5 years. Harsh as it may sound, that is and of itself would not necessarily mean a review on the indie bands blog. I am delighted that Alistair The Optimist has much to add to the world of music.

Alistair the Optimist

Alistair the Optimist

It seems somewhat apposite I am writing this 7 months to the day from when Julie died, I include a link to his website (as always) later in the article, to find out more about the story his website fills in the personal gaps.

There is an emotionally touching sound to the music which is completely relevant to the instrument which flows around the vocal like a ghostly apparition. The compositions are well structured delivering a folk-rock flavour which has a timelessness to it. Whispers from the past are pulled in with a reflective melancholia that is palpable both in the lyric and song composition.

This is music to pull out on the play-list in moments of reflection. When the ethereal apparitions that emerge from the speakers create an ambience  which whilst resonating of past opportunity, leave a feeling that all is not lost.

Thank you Alistair The Optimist for revealing the hidden talent and adding a sound-scape which deserves a lengthy stick-ability.


The Eponymous LP is available on Bandcamp. The indie bands blog is not taking any revenue from referral links and 22% of downloads go to Motor Neurone Disease Association, the rest to Alistair’s family.



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