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Happy birthday to Julie Norbury – the co-founder of the Indie Bands Blog

Today Julie Norbury the co-founder of the Indie Bands Blog would have been 41 and I would like to take a moment out of your day to celebrate this occasion.   Every-time I wonder about continuing this trail of exposing the best emerging bands from around the world I am drawn back to Julie’s enthusiasm […]

A message of thanks to one and all

I don’t intend this to read like one of those awards ceremony speeches but it has been a little while since I passed on a public thanks to – well – many people. First and foremost – to you the reader of the website. Much as I may seem to like the sound of my […]

An Interview with ShiShi

I am sorry to one and all for this late posting of an interview I had with ShiShi last year – well the 27th December 2012 to be exact. Tom Lugo and the Indie Bands Blog go back a few years and a few conversations, this was the first time I had the opportunity to […]

In loving memory of Julie Norbury

A year ago today the co-founder of the Indie Bands Blog died after fighting illness for many years. July 22nd 1972 to 30th September 2011 – With love.

Julie Norbury – with love and thanks

Julie Norbury – today should have been a good day

Julie Norbury 39 for ever

Alistair The Optimist

Alistair The Optimist is Alistair Banks from Bath in England who had a burning ambition to release an LP before he died. Well that may be the ambition of many I hear, Alistair is living on a time-line as he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease in late 2010, which has an life expectancy of between […]

A dedication to Julie Norbury

A moment of self-indulgence and an explanation to the readers of the site. I have been off-line for a while as Julie Norbury has been ill in hospital  and I have spent most of my time with her over the past few weeks. As an atheist, all I can do is  pass on the prayers […]