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A dedication to Julie Norbury

A moment of self-indulgence and an explanation to the readers of the site. I have been off-line for a while as Julie Norbury has been ill in hospital  and I have spent most of my time with her over the past few weeks. As an atheist, all I can do is  pass on the prayers already received but to be honest, I don’t do it with conviction, other than they are good wishes, to Julie prayers mean something, which is good… I guess.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

While she is making a recovery her health remains poor and after suffering from ME for the past 14 years, on 23rd April 2011 she faced her hardest test.  Doctors and Nurses did their best, a decision had to be made as to whether to stop treatment or carry-on, she fought and while the Doctors and I discussed her imminent death, she had other plans.

Just 38, but ravaged by ME, heart damaged – lungs damaged – immune system failing – but still fighting: more importantly smiling.

Julie Norbury

Julie Norbury

I called many people that night to let them know, she was not expected to survive. To Sophie, her Daughter and Jo, an ever loyal friend I pass my thanks. Jo had been drinking and although they don’t see each other every day, or even every year, she sorted out a lift and was there within a couple of hours, it meant so much Jo – bugger the builders -  the follow-up didn’t matter, you were there that night and I will never forget that, thank you. Sophie, who I had to pick-up, managed to wipe away her tears and garbled all the way through the journey to the hospital after I picked her up, your Mum was so pleased to see you.

Some weren’t able to make it with-in that 12 hour window – Nathan – her son, not your fault the message didn’t get through for a while, these things happen, she was asking for you all night and was so glad to see you when you came.  Tania, I known the call didn’t get through and thank you for calling as soon as you could, Julie was delighted to hear from you. Tracee, my fault I missed your call at 04:02 and so sorry I messed up your night, but she was so pleased to see you, when you came,   Alf – her Grandad, you are the one link to the most important person in her life, Babs – Grandma – who she always looks to the stars to find when things get bad. G – A simple initial, but the friendship and prayer has meant so much.

To the many others who have responded, I am sorry – but space and lists -  Julie has them all and will reply when she is able. She is still not completely out of the woods, but she keeps fighting and I keep pissing her off, which kind of works I think….

Now we turn to a few tunes, that don’t resonate in my ears – but as this is a dedication to Julie.

A song which hurts Julie but means so much and is dedicated to James – Welly-Bobs- Julie’s eldest son. We wrote your Birthday Card for your birthday on 18th June when you will be  22, 2 months to the day prior to your birthday and the day prior  to her  becoming critically ill, I don’t know why she got the month wrong but she did  – and that card was so important to her – she cries each time she hears this. I know she wants you to make contact and talks about you every-week, your mummy loves you so much – she always wanted to best for you and prays it turned out right – one day she will sing this with James.

Eva Cassidy – Songbirds – Julie your friends love you and you are worth so much more. If only you would ever accept it.

Bob Marley – she had a collection, but her previous partner – Dave – thought it best to smash the whole lot up – after all she was just an invalid and Dave was far more important as an alcoholic – thanks Dave, but still after all that she sends us  all – One Love -

A dedication to Julie Norbury and thank you all for the indulgence…..



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7 Responses to “A dedication to Julie Norbury”
  1. Shirley lowden says:

    I’m thinking of you and will be praying for your recovery x


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