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FxPxOx from Skopje in The Republic of Macedonia is the anarcho-rock four piece of Vasko (vocal), Rade (Bass), Džano (Drums) and Tripe (Guitar).



If there is an ‘ism or ‘ology that FxPxOx don’t rail about other than Anarchism I would be surprised and therefore how could I not like them. We may sit on other sides of the anarchism divide with my preference for Anarcho-Capitalism, but I will forgive them that….

The energy and rage rips the speakers off the wall – wrapped up in rarely more than a minute and a half of spittle and sweat. Vasko has an incredible set of lungs as he appears to rage for the whole time without drawing breath.

Power-rock at this level of diatribe only works when it is structured and the musicians know what they are doing, else it becomes a cacophony of un-intelligible noise, but these four know exactly what they are delivering. Precision drums are bandied together with a hard bass string and accompanied by a sympathetic easy construct guitar over-lain with the lyric, which is given free reign to rant, only because of the tightly woven foundations to the sound.

Best played at 11, there is sufficient dexterity in the compositions for the volume to be dropped lower and it still makes perfect sense. I was wondering where to go on holiday and it has to be Skopje as there is a dynamic music scene which delivers poignantly relevant music.


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