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Culture Development

The trio of Alec Kostenarov (bass / vocals), Alexander Makalovski (guitar / vocals) and Stephen Dojchinovski (drums) form the alternative indie band Culture Development from Skopje in The Republic of Macedonia.

Culture Development

Culture Development

What a hot-house Macedonia is turning out to be and I doff a hat to the label Napravi Zaendo for housing much of this material.

There is all the raw anger and lack of fear that makes for a great band that sits within Culture Development and in many ways I am reminded of the 16 year old Simon Gillman who inspired the iconic LP Wargasm released on PAX in 1982.

Too often and too easily this current generation take the easy steps to music – with fortune I have found a band in Culture Development, who despite our 30 years age difference are just as angry and expressive. I think their music would be even stronger if they didn’t bother to sing in English – as the music has sufficient power to gain traction within the world of agit-rock and with the translated lyrics some of that rage is lost in the ether.

With a new release just out, the aptly named – The 3 of Us, I would hope that the trio will find a wider audience for their explosive sounds which rampage out of the speakers and I am sure I hear the use of bows from time to time to add resonance. On hitting play the ears are rent asunder by powerful drum led rock with the guitars of all registers lending an twist of rage, before the vocal tops off the backdrop to express the vocal angsts.

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