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FxPxOx from Skopje in The Republic of Macedonia is the anarcho-rock four piece of Vasko (vocal), Rade (Bass), Džano (Drums) and Tripe (Guitar). If there is an ‘ism or ‘ology that FxPxOx don’t rail about other than Anarchism I would be surprised and therefore how could I not like them. We may sit on other sides of the anarchism divide with my preference for Anarcho-Capitalism, but I will […]

Culture Development

The trio of Alec Kostenarov (bass / vocals), Alexander Makalovski (guitar / vocals) and Stephen Dojchinovski (drums) form the alternative indie band Culture Development from Skopje in The Republic of Macedonia. What a hot-house Macedonia is turning out to be and I doff a hat to the label Napravi Zaendo for housing much of this material. There is all […]