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Siz is a new two piece band from Kumanovo in The Republic of Macedonia. Ivica Dimitrijevic (guitar and vocals) and Filip Stanchevski (drummer) have already released one thirteen track LP – Responsibility – to showcase their rummaged garage rock.



This is a sound I shouldn’t understand as it is missing that vital ingredient of a thumping bass, but I do get it and I don’t mind the lack of bass. There are all sorts of adjectives that could be brought to bear to summarise the material – esoteric and nihilistic being but examples. But to label it as such is I think to miss the environs in which the duo are influenced.

A society having undergone considerable change and still in flux, Siz reflect on the world around them which outside the context sounds unformed, perhaps even a little like the missing bass. It is this uncertainty and confusion which precisely makes the band an addition I am delighted to introduce readers to as it is almost an historical document – a diary entry of 2012 describing the Political and Social complexities in the Republic of Macedonia.

The music itself holds hints of bands like Television with that room rending declivity of razored guitar and side-winder lyric encased in a rattling drum tempo delivered, typically in about a minute and a half. I look forward to hearing Siz develop and it will be interesting to find out if they do decide to attach a four-string to the line-up.


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