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Meltybrains? is BenDonnachaTadhgMicheál and Brian an ambient electro-rock band from Dublin in Ireland.



A surreal sense of humour and take on the world akin to Dali meets Private Eye set to music greets the ears with the output of Meltybrains?. The electro-ambience is flecked with experimental directions, yet there is a recognizable format to the sound which is easy for the brain to work with, whilst simultaneously the compositions challenge perceptions.

As with surrealism in the visual art world it will undoubtedly not suit all ears, but even for those who want straight lines in their music, the quality of the song-writing is worth taking time to grapple with as Meltybrains? takes the listener on a journey of discovery. Influences of classic rock can be heard within works which also reflect of trip-hop and they are reconfigured to provide the audience with a sound that has plenty of texture to enjoy. Never stepping over the edge of recognizability, the tracks nonetheless challenge the listener, whilst the ambient resonances calm the furrowed brow and all in all this makes for an interesting overall sound and well worth getting time to know.

An intriguing range of instrumental disconcordances add immeasurably to the true creativity of the outfit, as Meltybrains? pull it all together in a sonic triumph.


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