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Wailer Pilot Study

Wailer Pilot Study is an electro-rock band from Manchester comprising of the duo - Stephen (Vocals / Bass /Keys /Samples) and Kieran (Vocals /Guitar / Beats).

Wailer Pilot Study

Wailer Pilot Study – Photo Taken By: John Shinnick Photography

You know how sometimes despite yourself you find something interesting, well so I find myself here with Wailer Pilot Study. Guitar, bass, vocal and a choice to have no natural percussion, my instinct is to bang my head very hard against the wall, but, the duo skewer it neatly as the drum loops add some interesting textures to what otherwise would be a rock band.

That said, as with all drum loops there is a tendency to think – yes, but I have heard this track already and with only four tracks to wrap my ears around there is already a danger of that, but I have faith this will evolve in time, so feel obliged to give some slack as otherwise there is some fine originality that wanders in to the room on each of the tracks as guitars wail in to the ears like a screaming banshee.

My introduction by Stephen insisted I showcase a video which wouldn’t help readers very much to get a handle on the band, so let’s see if they make it to the indie bands blog  - weekly, monthly or annual charts and then perhaps they can gain their preference, for now I think from their first EP – EP1- Duress to Impress – adds considerable value to the world of music and demonstrates the reason why the drum machine works for these guys as the song resonates of industrial rock and a space in which they are of considerable interest.


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