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3DM is the Cambridge, England based creator Marc who brings out the best in alternative dance with an experimental twist. Once again we head to my local home-space to find an engaging experimental artist. Is this confluence to do with the nature of the University town leading edge position, or just that outer London needs to and does think outside the box?



You kind of get a sense of the dichotomy in which I lie – London drawn having been there since the age of 12 and Cambridgeshire since 2003 (aged 40) with a period of ’03-’10 when I had a foot in both camps – by the fact that Cambridge emerges not only with intriguing experimental sounds, but also band names drawn on a Times crossword clue – 3DM being short-hand for Deliberately Diff’rent Dance Music. (well let’s be honest I had it down as three hole Dr. Marten shoes – but you knew that as I couldn’t help but be a Dr. Marten 14 hole Boot wearer).

Were the average (and let’s face it world renowned DJ Mixers) technically capable, 3DM would be sitting in the biggest clubs in Ibiza, rather than scratching for local gigs. Instead of taking an expensive off the shelf programmers best efforts at loops, Marc creates his own sounds straight out of the bat. But as with the programmers who enable the throng of big name DJs fuelled purely by a cadre of successful PR hot-air to charge ‘name as you like’ contracts, on the back of the real sparks of genius, so 3DM sits in the same frame.

Such are the vagaries of the general public and the music business. It is a delight to showcase the likes of 3DM and Pete Um on the Indie Bands Blog who are the very probably the guys the programmers watch to gain inspiration for the toys they create – used and abused by the worlds least creative and most over-paid head-liners.


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