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Paul Liddell

Paul Liddell from Sunderland in the UK, started life as a trumpeter in an Orchestra, before spreading his wings and creating his own sound as a solo artist. An accomplished Guitarist with a strong voice, Paul is a work-horse, typically playing 15 gigs a month (pushing The Steep Water Band the ever tourists from the USA), in addition to having released 2 EPs and two LPs, with a third EP, Help Yourself Float, coming out 28th March (review to follow soon).

Paul Liddell

Paul Liddell

Paul Liddell sounds familiar, yet refreshingly new. It is the little things that make a difference to me and the fact that he hasn’t developed that mid-atlantic drawl, or a fake Southern accent so often heard by northern UK artists, but retains a singing voice with his Northern Accent is perhaps a testament to the real character of Paul.

The breadth of instruments Paul uses in his music is impressive, as he normally plays completely on his own. As a solo artist there is nowhere to hide and with his emotionally charged releases Paul leaves himself completely out in the open and he delivers  unpretentious, honest music superbly.

His vocal style adds a real dimension to the music as somewhere in the octave range he sings, there is a vulnerability and openness which comes through his vocal chords. The whole composition of the Paul Liddell out-put adds to the poetic feel (perhaps the strongest suit for a song-writer), as he layers the music.

I’ve not had the opportunity to see Paul live so far, but aim to rectify this in short order. The music I have heard paints an image of an artist who really enjoys what he is doing and I have heard this is re-enforced even further in live performance.


With his relentless song-writing and performances combined with the openness, makes Paul Liddell a musician who is a pleasure to write about.

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3 Responses to “Paul Liddell”
  1. Wow. Truly talented. It is amazing what he can create out of just one instrument. And we shouldn’t overlook the fact that he can actually sign very well.


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