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Hammering Spleen

Hammering Spleen is Benjamin Racine (lead vocals / guitars / irish bouzouki), Nicolas Arnaud (drums / percussion) and Mathieu Equy (bass / percussion / vocals) a psychedelic rock band from Nancy in France. Melting Spleen is a band that perfectly catches my mind today. Antibiotics for bronchitis, anti-inflammatory’s and painkillers for RSI, now called some other acronym and my […]


Blondstone is a garage rock band from Nancy in France. The trio of Alex Astier (guitar / vocal), Nicolas Boujot (bass) and Pierre Barrier (Drums) released their debut EP – #1 –  in the summer of 2012. The band sound more akin to emerging from the depths of New York with their lyrical angsts over – relationships and starry-eyed reverence […]


Ottokraft from Paris in France is the solo composer William Dark who composes dark industrial electronics. The deep industrial beats hammer through the speakers before reverberating like a pneumatic drill around the room. Scintillating sounds are driven in to the brain as all the horrors of machinery on the verge of a nervous break-down clatters […]

Hoboken Division

Hobken Division is the garage rock duo of Mathieu Cazanave (Guitars / organ / harmonica / Kick / vocals) and Marie Rieffly (Vocals / organ /  drums) from Nice in France. Emerging from the Mississippi Delta Blues lies an engaging duo, who know how to turn a musical instrument or two between themselves and write a score. This is a duo with considerable […]

Hannah Judson

Hannah Judson is a folk rock singer / songwriter originally from the USA has been based in Paris, France since 2005 where she reflects on her life’s journey. There is a gravitational pull that pulls the listener in to the soundscape that is Hannah Judson. With a vocal that finds its way directly in to […]

Sebastien Tellier

Sebastien Tellier is a solo singer / songwriter / creator based in Paris, France. Like a river gently bubbling through a brook, Sebastien Tellier produces a sound which flows gently, but ever forwards in a wave of relentless energy, in which the listener is wrapped up in a bed of clouds before being placed in to […]

The Shh

The Shh, betwixt Malta and Paris in France, is an indie-pop duo which comprises of Alison Galea and Ian Schranz. The out-fit is but a few months old though have already released a video and EP – The Burning Love. Happy notes bound out of the speakers with aplomb. There is an anchored instrumentation which demands […]

Animaux Surround

Animaux Surround is a solo project for cinematographer singer songwriter Isidore Hibou to translate visuals in to music. Based in Paris, France, Animaux Surround came in to fruition in late 2010 with the  EP Booking Rooms appearing in July 2011, which is to be followed later this year (2012) by a planned second release. The music blends electro-pop […]

Sheetah et les Weissmüller

From Lille in France come Barnabe Weissmüller (Vocal), Hubert Weissmüller (Keys / vocal), Jeje Weissmüller (Guitar / vocal), Laurent Weissmüller (Drums) and Fifi Weissmüller ( Bass / vocal) and you know when the ’60s complete with Carnaby Street and a French twist come wandering in to the room the ears are in for space full of fun, so here we sit with Sheetah et les Weissmüller. Laughing […]


Mondkopf first came to vision back in 2009, whith the the release of his album Galaxy Of Nowhere. Based in Paris,  France – Mondkopf is regularly seen around the circuit with his electronic – trance – house inspired story telling. There are plenty of artists who aspire to make a difference in this sector and so few who […]

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