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New Nobility

New Nobility from Sydney in Australia are a three piece rock band made up of Josh Maekowsky (Vocals, Guitar),  Krga Zoran (Keyboard, Drum) and Sead Trnka (Bass (Composer, Author))

New Nobility

New Nobility

Rock and my ears, as readers of the website know are just not naturally made for each other, so for a band to make in impact in this genre is a mark of difference. New Nobility perhaps epitomise the Australian cliché – fun, effervescent and none too absorbed in themselves, which is where Rock bands and I so frequently fall out.

All the hallmarks of the good things of rock are encapsulated, along with a complete relevance to the world around us, as they reflect on the world as they see it. Their understated sound takes the listener along with them, as they coax the most out of the guitar, vocal combination, with ease.

It is of little surprise they are gaining an audience across Europe as strong and committed as the home audience. It is no mean task to encapsulate the essential ingredients of stadium rock while bringing the whole sound in to the 21st Century with-out compromise to the core element.

New Nobility generate a sound which can be listened to with friends or blasted to volume which demands a vigorous head-banging session. Sure there is ever present – male bonding orgy of self-love – but somehow they make it all seem less tissue laden.

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