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Sand Reckoner

Sand Reckoner originally from Doylestown in the USA is a Psychedelic Rock trio - Benjamin Hughes (Drums), Jonathan Lesh (Bass / Vocals/ Guitar) and M. Reverdy Rhodes (Guitar / Vocal / Bass) now based in Boston, USA.

Sand Reckoner

Sand Reckoner

With appropriate confidence Sand Reckoner tackles blues infused psychedelia delivering a comforting sound like and elder sibling draping an arm over your shoulder. The trio engage the listener with some delightfully fused chords which merge in to each other as they sneak in to the ears. They provide a sound in which it is easy to lay back and kick the heels to allow the material to wend its way and work its magic.

I particularly delight in how the guitar is permitted to wander off on a rumble of its own, without the rest of the music dropping to become merely a showcase for the fret-work. As would be anticipated, individual tracks can extend far beyond my normal attention span of three minutes but, the competence of the song-writing doesn’t leave me reaching for headache tablets. The songs are superbly constructed and there is a direction of narrative that serves a relevant purpose.

Once again a trio has been able to surpass itself adding great value with limited players in which the listener can become completely immersed loosing all sense of time.

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