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The Pocket Gods

From St. Albans in the UK, The Pocket Gods have been around for some years. Mark Christopher Lee (vocals, guitars, keys), Annie Moeke (Vocals, guitars, keys) and Claire Lee (Bass & vocals) form the basis of the band, who with over 120 releases behind them continue to surprise with their alternative rock. Influenced by the likes of Syd Barrett, The Ramones and Joy Division they couldn’t be anything other than hugely refreshing an innovative.

10 carry on behind – by the pocket gods by thepocketgods

The Pocket Gods

The Pocket Gods

The Pocket Gods remain the quintessential Indie Band, undoubtedly creative and capable, their resolute refusal to be anything but themselves, releasing disparate sounds which don’t fit in to ‘A&R’ categories, has left them overlooked and both by festivals, but also in airplay. It is the likes of the creative programmes who catch on to this type of fun-packed, humorous and well played music.

Thanks Mark for taking time for the exchange of information and long may the band keep creating the free sounding, unfettered enthusiastic output which has a wide ranging fan base.

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4 Responses to “The Pocket Gods”
  1. paul hassal says:

    Quite good bad barking mad of course

    • Tim says:

      Did try to send you an email Paul, but it was bounced. I have a new release to review for The Pocket Gods, which should be up in the next day or so


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