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Illegal Notes

Illegal Notes, from Lincoln in the UK are a four piece alternative rock band, who came in to existence back in March this year and three months ago changed their lead guitarist after Gav decided it wasn’t for him, have strong musical references to London of the early ’80s and early ’70s. Filled with vocalists - Chaz,  (Lead Vocal, Rhythm Guitar),  Matt (Lead Guitar, Vocal),  Tom (Bass) and Sam (Drums, Vocals).

Illegal Notes

Illegal Notes

You know when a band starts a song with a 1 2 1234 this is down to earth and gritty and Illegal Notes don’t disappoint.

There is a punchy earthiness to the band, that I just needed to get back to this afternoon, I could have found it by digging out an old Sham 69 vinyl, but so much better that there is a current band who are trying to explore that same root of existence.

As an old punk rocker I love how songs called Little Jimmy Boy appear as a title, oh The Undertones beckon, yet, I still don’t want to head in to that pile, as Illegal Notes take the ears on a swirling ride, wow, the Kinks have appeared now.

You will have got the drift, Illegal Notes, are a mash of influences who manage to carve their own space and are already sitting on my play-list, if only there were more than six songs to take a listen… patience never was one of my very few virtues.

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Sometimes you just want to take a band by the scruff of the neck and say, ‘make more music NOW’.

Thanks Charlie, just what I needed this afternoon as I have been missing Julie so much today, music really does make the world a far better space.

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