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Shaun C Bryant

Shaun C Bryant is a singer/songwriter from Norwich in England who delivers a melodic rock ballad sound.

Shaun C Bryant

Shaun C Bryant

There is a deft lyric and song-writing skill that emerges from the sounds that Shaun delivers with a gentle flurry like the feelings of snow drops falling from the sky. The material lands with a calmness, but quickly builds to a substantial layering.

Powerful musical accompaniment which resonates of rock influenced solidity is tempered by a softness that keeps the ears in tune to what is to follow. Once again a solo act delivers heart felt tenderness and emotional contexts, which when included in the delivery from a band, somehow doesn’t possess the same open cuts, probably due to the fact that the emotional context lies with a direct connection to the very fact there can only have been one person who wrote the material in all its openness. It is far easier to empathise with an individual than spread that between four plus members of a band without knowing within whom the sentiment lies.

Currently seeking to finance his LP 3am in the Morning.


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