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Song of Return

Hailing from Glasgow in Scotland come Song of Return an alternative rock band made up of Craig Grant (Vocal/Guitar), Louis Abbott (Vocal /Guitar), Davie Reekie (Bass), Pete Kelly (Drums) and Alex McNutt (Programming /Keys) with an edge to alternative rock.

Song of Return

Song of Return

Spinning in a vortex the ears acclimatise and the head is filled with delight. There is a resonance to the music which wraps in the head and whisks it away on a journey. Delightful compositions waft through the room and reverberate off the walls before joining the cornucopia of sound already inserted.

There is a grounded root to the music, which levitates the Manchester scene of the ’90s to a warmer and more accommodating space and for this I raise my hat to Song of Return.  The complexities of construction do not detract from the free flowing music and while it plays like a pinball in the head there is a simplicity which resonates, which is something of a dichotomy and only achieved by the most competent writers.

Through the addition of electronics, the band is able to add a significant depth to the material, which the vocal reflects as though through frosted glass.

website (I need to point out this website will immediately play music and the links to anything else are not easy to find).

Trajectory is available on Trajectory E.P. - EP - Song Of Return*

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 *purchases made through the Trajectory E.P. - EP - Song Of Return link will result in the indie bands blog earning a commission.


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