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The Smösh

The Smösh is an alternative indie rock band composed of HugoZavidoJaime and Marcelo from Tampico Tamaulipas in Mexico.

The Smösh

The Smösh

As I write early in the morning this is a delightful space in which to dwell. Shimmers of shoegaze and ambient rock are held together by piriform glue delivering a sound that pulls the listener in to the web of mystery. Echoed and sounding somewhat distant the music is superbly delivered to scintillating melodic compositions. It is the ability of the players in The Smösh to emerge with a sound that is at once highly intriguing, but equally easy to live with that I particularly enjoy.

The band has developed a style which has an immediate appeal to listeners from across the globe, but the Spanish roots are still given a run out from to time to time. Having heard many bands from Mexico who set themselves up as something from the country just North of the Border, it is refreshing to hear something that has at its heart a confidence in their own space in the world and for this I give credit.

This is a band I hope to see on the International touring circuit as they considerable depth to add to a variety of locations in which I am sure they would be well received.


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