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Tjutjuna is a psychedelic rock band comprising Brian MarcusRobert BallantyneFernando GarciaJames Barone and Adam Shaffner from Denver in the USA. Another Banter Media introduction from 2010.



Best to leave the closed-mind outside the room when you settle down for the ride that is Tjutjunta. They have developed an intriguing style which finds the material hurtling out of the speakers at a much faster pace than may have been anticipated. The material therefore needs to contain far more depth and texture to achieve the same effect as a more sedate passage of music and the band are able to handle the added requirements with a strangely refreshing gusto.

Veering round the room like the ball bouncing off the sides of a pin-ball machine, there does however remain a trajectory in to which the mind can distinguish a furrow that keeps the head able to digest the enormous levels of activity being sparked, whilst simultaneously containing sufficient distortion and wobble to whisk the listener on to a journey relaxed and unexpected discoveries.

I think what I find most engaging about Tjutjuna is that ability they have to play this at a faster pace, yet still deliver all that would be expected of a space-walk without ever shortening the expected lengthy tracks. Clever stuff and an interesting addition to the world of music.


Their eponymous LP is available on Tjutjuna - Tjutjuna*

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