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Luna is Honey

Luna is Honey is a four piece band, who have been around since 2006, based in Los Angeles in the USA. Joshua Crampton (voice, guitar)
Jay Francisco (samples) Amorn Bholsangngam (drums, percussion) and Tyler Binkley (bass) combine to produce progressive rock of the highest order.

Luna is Honey (Courtesy of Athena R.)

Luna is Honey (Courtesy of Athena R.)

Luna is Honey, sit in a space in which many bands wallow in self pity, they rise above the herd with some superb songwriting and composition, which takes the music to a warmer plane. They are not aiming to set the world alight with new sounds and avoid gimmicks, relying totally on their musical ability to drive listeners to their music. Influences such as Costello, Cure and Eno, layer themselves across their music, with-out it becoming a pale imitation. My ears will never get to appreciate this music as others do, but I recognize a band who have something of value to offer and Luna is Honey sits well above the plimsoll line.

Soaring guitar is met with crescendos of drum as tempered vocal provides a warming mantle to the material. Electronics are deployed with aplomb, allowing the band to envelop the listener in a cocoon of woven silk, as they smoothly take their space in the world of progressive rock.


Their recent released album Sex Museum is available on Sex Museum - Luna Is Honey*

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