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Live Politics

Live Politics is an indie band from South London in England with soul in the spirit. Dan BridgePhil LuenSam Pavey and Steve Quirk have been around since 2006. During the latter part of 2011 and early 2012 they buried themselves in the studio and on 27th April a new release Heavens Hangover will be unveiled.

Live Politics


Adding a twist of emotion to the material, Live Politics refresh the indie music emerging globally, they are unafraid to display a vulnerability which serves the audience well, as the vocal is ideally suited to the melancholia. With a focus on the higher frets, the music reflects the barbs of anxiety which emerges from the music, the percussion and bass add a solidity to the tracks and the listener immediately is aware of the highly capable song-writing skills that sit within the band.

Whilst the material may deal with the more introspective side of emotions, the sounds emerging are of a raised tempo which makes this music which demands movement of the audience.

Even my keyboard appears to have joined in as it has developed St. Vitas dance with un-pressed keys delivering letters to the screen.

Live Politics is able to deliver on many levels, with the listener being left to wallow in a mosaic of layers in which to engage with the music.

Having had the opportunity to take a listen to Heavens Hangover, I am even more impressed. Like that sip of a superbly matured wine and it will be interesting to see where the band heads during the course of 2012.


There She Goes is available on There She Goes - Single - Live Politics*

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