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Le Paige

Le Paige is an indie-pop band from Hollywood in the USA. The quartet of Beau Garner (Vocals), Adrian Padua (Guitar), Nick Banaszak (Bass) and Luke Denney (Drums) have come out of the blocks full of running and are gathering a rapidly burgeoning fan-base.

Le Paige

Le Paige

We find a band with plenty to add to genuine music. Preppy-pop is torn like a ripped pair of jeans (real ones – not those ridiculous items you see people buying with carefully prepared and sewn tears) as the harder edged rock is let out to play and the ears are drawn to a skilful and inventive out-fit.

For readers of the website, this is a good time to catch the band as they learn their live performance trade, they are able to blend pop sensibilities, delightfully composed melodies and raw guitar and percussion to deliver something that makes the day seem a little bit brighter.

In January 2012 Le Paige released the first EP – Hit The Lights – and are currently trying to raise finance for their second  - Goodnight To Midnight. This has a band with much potential and it will be interesting to see in which way that talent develops.


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