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Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor from Sydney in Australia is an indie pop singer songwriter.

Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor

Squeezy lemonade sounds are stirred with acerbic vocals to raise a sound which  engages the dance buttons and the thought processes. Immediately on hitting play the ears are drawn to references of the most influential  indie pop lyricists across the past three decades, but rather than turning in to a pastiche, Nicole doesn’t seek to shock, rather to editorialise the world around which she does with some wonderfully crafted sounds and lyrics which are delivered with froth containing rocks of molten lava that are served up with highly distinctive vocals.

I particularly enjoy the whole construct, which on the face of it is innocent of any political angst, but is in fact a highly politically charged reflective of the prevalent social mores from the perspective of a supposedly naive storyteller. The cynicism slices through the room like a hot knife through butter, yet at the same time, this is music which can be listened to on the surface and actually make the listener feel good about life as the synth driven beats bounce merrily across the room.

Nicole Taylor has been able to balance her act and delivers a sound that engages at many levels and across fans of music from many genres with the ability to pack much in to sugar sweet candy-floss.

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