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Burnt Ones

Whenever I receive an email from Banter Media, I am immediately intrigued, there are but very few firms that do this, hence the section entitled PR Managers, I must get on to writing about them one day.

But for now, well to be honest back on 26th July 2010, I received a missive regarding the San Francisco, USA  based Burnt Ones, a trio of Mark Tester (Vocal / Guitar), Amy Crouch (Drums) and Brian Allen (Bass) and what I particularly liked was the insistence they make that Rick Eusey (Road Crew) be given space, I like that, I just felt the need to repeat once again the fact I like that touch. So many bands as they develop forget it is thanks to their fans they have become commercially successful, it is extremely rare that a band actually recalls, the guys in the background that make much of it happen. Oh they will pronounce on some big name producer, but the people who ensure the space they play in is right, too often unimportant. So thank you Burnt Ones, for giving credit, but let’s be honest you aren’t reading this because Rick received a mention….

Burnt Ones

Burnt Ones

Again I drift back to CBGBS, that lo-fi – hi-fidelity conundrum. Sonic waves of fuzz come wandering out of the speakers, yet the microphone seems more than capable, as do drum mics, this is a statement.

Their response works superbly as Burnt Ones deftly demonstrate powerful sensibilities, they know precisely where they sit, generating a sound which resonates with the time of subjugation and general malaise, in much the same vein as the hey day of US alternative, when New York was know to be rotten to the core, but acquiesced by far too many. The music comes out with booming conviction mocking a system of failure, laughing as they are thrown scraps from those who imagine they matter, yet insistent – based on a position of clear conviction the status quo can and will be swept away.


Not only do I like the music I revel in the sensibilities, please more bands join the Burnt Ones train.

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