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Alific is the vehicle for the creator Brendan Dane from Washington DC in the USA to bring dance hall reggae to a wider audience.



I just needed a refresher today and up popped an email that hit the spot. Dub reggae has all the bass notes I require to make life make sense and Alfic produces those in abundance. Having played as a Bassist in a variety of bands before turning to the life of a solo artist, in his blood Brendan retains that essential thick string. Whilst spilling across a range of influences, the natural home of many a bass player must lie in Dance-Hall reggae and Brendan resonates with a sound that makes my heart sing.

Untroubled by excessive vocal, Alfic gets on with the instrumentals, bringing to bear gadgetry un-expected, it is melded in the home studio to create a balmy Friday tropical evening. To my ears the material sits as a perfect accompanier to, well, any-time and all the time.

The lazy notes and off-beat, meanders in to the soul with a calmness and evocative strength only reggae is able to muster. Alfic adds an ounce of sugar to the sweet honey through the laconic use of alternative electronics, which sit quietly like the strongest rum in a cocktail, doing it’s thing without deflecting from the delightful fruits.

You may be pondering the references to different reggae structures, I could also mention hip-hop and jazz, Alfic mixes a multitude of styles, all of which are enhanced by the off-beat reggae snap.


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