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Cameron Stenger

Cameron Stenger is an indie-folk singer songwriter based in New York in the USA. Having lived in many locations across the States, Cameron draws on these reflections to paint his images musically.

Cameron Stenger

Cameron Stenger

Set to release his fourth LP on 24th April 2012 since 2008, Lovers, he also finds the time to appear on stage in between writing new material. The music and vocal fit together like a glove which is a testament to the time Cameron Stenger spends projecting precisely the concept  his is trying to describe.

The diversity of experiences are reflected in the out-put which ranges from an Urban angst to a rural wide-eyed innocence, which enables to listener to easily become drawn in to the journey which is available. In many ways there is a diary entry quality to the structure of his releases, which is let loose on the ears with emotional dexterity that drills straight to the heart.

Wide open structures are gently shaded with carefully considered instruments and tempos that bring the piece to life, whilst the vocal resonates more as part of the weave of the fabric than a decoration.

Whilst as regular readers will know, this isn’t likely to feature on my play-list top 100, that is my issue not Cameron’s, who adds considerably to the world of music with his uncanny ability to pull all the threads of a song composition together and release highly capable finished product, which deserves more than a nod of recognition by those with far more discerning play-lists than my own.


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