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Bahia Buffalo

Bahia Buffalo is a six piece alternative rock band from Monterrey in Mexico. Vinny MtzCarlos “Pips” GarzaBernardo PerezVictor Leos BortoniNice Fuentes and Adrian Cuspi Garza recently released their second EP Sequía en Ciernes.

Bahia Buffalo

Bahia Buffalo

Pulling in sounds from Western, ’60s psychedelia and ’90s indie, Bahia Buffalo keep the ears fully laden with generous slices of material. The sextet work superbly as a cohesive unit with each instrument, not to forget the vocal, merging to a palette of washed sonics that float around the room dropping the sounds on to the audience.

Unafraid to challenge the edges of the common song structures with gentle flickers in to unexplored space the sextet keep the listener engaged. This is material for a relaxed occasion when the music can be allowed to flow around the head in all its complexity and the brain have time to absorb what is being gently channelled through the lobes.

There is at once a challenging space that Bahia Buffalo pursues, whilst simultaneously sufficient hooks in which to hang familiar structures. Something akin to a Dalí, you quickly get the basic representation, but the delivery challenges the mind to open and fully appreciate what is being proffered.


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