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The Dates

The Dates is Dan Cox (Vocals / Guitar), Joe Gannaway (Guitar), Moe Redish (Bass), Kipp Boucher (Drums) an indie rock band from Brighton in England.

The Dates - indie rock from England

The Dates

On a sunny Friday the dolly mixture shoegazy pop sits so well with the impending barbecue, as ska influences bounce around the garden. The Dates mix up a tasty cocktail of influences to generate something that slides easily into the ears without it disappearing into the background. The music can be taken as a full on assault to the ears or as a more subdued number to add atmosphere.

Whilst the material is easy to engage with, there is something infectious about it, that just demands another run though, which is precisely the mark of band that has something of value to add and what makes it all the more interesting is that there isn’t one single thing I can tell you I like about it, other than it works on many levels.

The audience can’t help but feel better when the music starts to play, but there is more to it that just a jingle in the background as the compositions are well structured delivering a sense of having been satiated. The tracks don’t overstay their welcome, nor do they leave the listener feeling there should have been more and for a band that hasn’t been around for long, that demonstrates an ability in song-writing that many never learn. Once the vocals have more breath control, this will be a sound that will entrance many across the world, for now it delights, which is a top notch entry level.

Perhaps a little too fluffy for me to live with continually, but there is no reason that this can’t sit on the bands with potential playlist and I am sure they have the abilities within the quartet to make a mark on the world of music as the output sounds so right and somehow already classic.


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