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The Indieannas

The Indieannas is – well you guessed it – an indie rock band. Formerly known as The StandGed PottsCharlie WillcoxMark Whibberley and Jon Stone from Buxton in England have regrouped and deliver their take on the world.

The Indieannas

The Indieannas

Exactly as it says says on the tin, the music is a blaze of rock energy flashing glances at the world around and The Indieannas do this some considerable confidence.

Able to deliver music at frenetic pace, when they do so on tracks such as Inside Your Mind it remains superbly controlled with each double strum of the strings giving sufficient time for it to be captured by the brain, whilst the percussion hammers along as-though Thor had joined the line-up. Not that there is anything Norsk about the out-put which can immediately be recognized as a band from somewhere in the UK even though the band name alludes to the USA.

That said – were I to have one small criticism – and regular readers will know I detest Mid-atlantic drawl – not that they are overly guilty of this sin – bizarrely in what is otherwise a superlative track  - Moneyman – there is one line that just has me banging my head on the desk – ‘You are The Moneyman in your thousand dollar suit‘ – and we just don’t have Dollars in the UK – which is even more tangential when given the video which is firmly squared in London. But that is just pernickety old me, so don’t let it cause you the same head-ache as these guys have a great sound which I hope to hear more of in short order. I get the impression that their live-performances would be a treat to match the recorded sounds.

It is the sheer control that The Indieannas have over the out-put which in less capable hands would run away like a spider across the carpet. That isn’t to say it sounds like a ‘project’, as the material resonates of genuine context. There is much that The Indieannas have to offer to the music scene and I wish them every success.


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