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An interview with The Jim O’Ferrell Band and the first listening to Chance

An interview with Jason Crawford, Jim O’Ferrell and Antonio James Jr. from the Jim O’Ferrell Band in which we discuss urban myths, moss and much much more. As a part of the release of the new single Chance which comes out today – 8th December 2012 the J.O.B  will also appear on the Radio broadcaster WDCE in the USA. […]

An interview with Maybe The Welders

Maybe The Welders from Brooklyn in the USA took time time out for an interview with Indie Bands Blog whilst sipping cups of tea and suffering from some dodgy Thai food (so the claim goes) the night before, prior to heading out to shoot some video material in a local bar – that story sounds […]

An Interview with The Mouth of Ghosts

The Mouth of Ghosts,  an electro-indie five piece made up of Alla Seydalieva (vocals), Simon Langford (guitar), Marco Italia (bass), Phil Page (drums) and Valerie Deniz (vocals / synth) is based in London, England. The Mouth of Ghosts seems to have developed in numbers over time, rather than all the members getting together at the off […]