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Chasing Owls

Chasing Owls is a folk-rock band from Edinburgh in Scotland composed of Callum BatemanNaomi BlackJames Moir and Ben Sunderland.

Chasing Owls

Chasing Owls

Not a natural nest for me, but I hear something that makes sense and more than that tickles the taste-buds. What is even more surprising is that I only received this introduction four hours ago (as I write).

There is a foot stomping drum that drives the music forward as a Celtic root takes hold, but this isn’t just ‘another Celtic folk band’. They have left that space far behind to transcend to a cross-over between the contemporary and the future.  Much like a Parliament of Owls gathering a fledgling for the first flight, the music soars high above, scanning the landscape and the listener is also raised aloft to the vista.

The vocal sounds more Geordie that Scottish, which adds a sense of confusion to my ears, but not negatively, it just makes the open spaces seems ever more real as I am led to reflections of the open spaces of Northumberland.  On a warm Friday afternoon, there is little better than this to spend some time with.


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